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Protecting lives and property since 1977

Protecting your family and property is one of the most important things you can plan for when building a home or starting a business. We have been a leader in the new construction industry for security systems since 1977 and continue to provide our customers’ solutions for all applications.

We can design your system to include whole area protection, environmental sensors and life safety devices all connected to the alarm system for notification to the proper authorities.

  • Whole Area Protection: Door, Window and Motion Sensors
  • Environmental Sensors: Flood and Temperature Detection
  • Life Safety Devices: Smoke, Carbon Monoxide and Propane/Natural Gas Detector

Manage Remotely

With our installation you will have the convenience of remotely managing your security system through your smartphone or internet device. The application provides users with a clean, elegant, easy-to-use interface. Controls are logically arranged with all functions just a tap away to give you peace of mind. Remote features include arming and disarming, system status, history of events, push notifications and user code management.

Users log in with the user information and password. You can select the system you want to control if you have multiple systems with us such as a guest house or a local business. All system issues will be clearly displayed in system status or history.

Authorized Resideo Dealer since 1977

Originally Ademco, then Honeywell, Resideo will continue to be an industry standard. The product functions are reliable and user friendly. Resideo is a solid choice for both residential and commercial applications of any kind.

Authorized DMP Dealer since 2021

The future of Mellon Security is DMP. Throughout global distribution issues, DMP continuously delivered product since they are designed, engineered and manufactured in America. This product is widely accepted across the nation as a leader in commercial applications due to their superior technology. We are bringing this option to residential applications in South Florida because the average home installation is over 5,000sq ft and demands a higher level of intrusion solutions.

Local Central Station

Our parent company, Alarm Partners, is the largest independently owned and operated central station provider in South Florida. We are familiar with the law enforcement agencies and emergency responders in your area allowing us to provide a higher level of service. Since our employees and owners all work and live locally, we are more accessible and can manage your account with the attention you deserve. While many of our local competitors have moved their monitoring operations out of state, or even out of the country, we continue to live, work and focus only on the needs of South Floridians.

The central station is company owned and operated UL-approved, 5-Diamond Certified CSAA housed in the company-owned headquarters in Delray Beach. Our software is technically advanced which allows us to work with you to perform any services that you require. The station offers such advanced features as smart control alarm view and control, alarm action patterns, automatic voice recording on all calls, video verification, unattended report generation, customer access and a variety of other features.